Drawing and Image making - Visual Research and Communication.

Drawing, mark-making and image gathering run through the whole of Stevens practice, from the research that inspires and informs what he does with materials, through the development and exploration of design ideas, to the communication, sharing and making of those designs. He draws in lots of different ways, using different approaches processes, materials and techniques to gather, record and present visual information these include observational studies in a range of media, collage, printing and photography. For him 'Drawing', in its widest sense, is an integral and an essential part of the creative process.

Making Marks: Exploring the narrative of a mark.
At college, in drawing classes, he was taught that when you make a mark on a piece of paper, that mark tells a story. It describes the form and the weight of the subject, the tension and the play of light across the subject's surface communicates the nature of the material. The idea that a mark has a narrative has stayed with him.

"Often when I work with materials in the studio and workshop I try to 'draw' with them, I try to explore and communicate qualities. The wire drawings and the Shore Gate are clear examples of this notion of drawing with material, investigating the properties and potential of the material - in these cases - metal. The coiled vessels with their simple forms and rich surfaces also grew from this idea and approach, exploring structure, creating marks, patterns and surfaces that catch and reflect light and communicate qaulities by the balance of form, weight and surface".

These pages show examples of the different approaches and uses for drawing, markmaking, visual research and communication within Stevens practice.

You can learn more about the connection between drawing and making by watching a slideshow of Stevens work here: Slideshow

Images: Pukamani Poles. Graphite on paper. Australia Sketchbook Series.

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